Fastned sets new charging targets for 2024


European electric vehicle (EV) charging company Fastned has announced new ambitions and financial targets for the coming years. The company remains committed to accelerating the growth of its network of rapid charging stations in Europe to prepare for the growing number of electric vehicles hitting the roads in the coming years.

By year-end 2024, Fastned aims to double the size of its network to at least 400 stations, which is expected to require additional funding of between £44 million and £65 million. Fastned expects to reach a building pace of 100 stations per year by 2024 and growing thereafter. Before 2030, Fastned expects to reach its ambition of having a network of 1,000 rapid charging points at prime locations, such as along high-traffic corridors in Europe.

In addition to opening new stations, Fastned will further expand its network by adding more chargers to its existing locations. The average number of charging devices per station will increase from four in 2021 to six by 2025 and more than eight by 2030.


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