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Hurry to enter now for a chance to win this 2021 Tesla Model S Performance with Ludicrous Mode. InsideEVs readers will get their entries doubled when they donate to enter with as little as $25. The prize also includes $27,000 in cold, hard cash to help pay Uncle Sam for taxes. And your donations go right to worthy charities for children and veterans.

The Tesla Model S is still the undisputed king of electric vehicles in terms of both range and performance, so why don\’t you have one yet? Maybe you do, or maybe you\’ve been waiting for a giveaway like this to come along.

Double your entries automatically with an entry donation of $25 or more!

When you enter today you\’ll have a chance to win this beautiful Model S in red with 21-inch Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine wheels, a white interior, and Autopilot. The Ludicrous Mode option alone costs an extra $7,000. 

Ludicrous Mode bumps power in the Model S up to 778 horsepower and 920 pound-feet of head-snapping torque. Combined with the car\’s all-wheel-drive system, that\’s good for a 0-60 time of just 2.3 seconds, which will beat just about any gas-powered car brave enough to challenge it at the drag strip.  

Even with all that performance, the Model S Performance still offers 337 miles of EPA-rated range. Combined with Tesla\’s vast network of high-speed Superchargers, this means range anxiety is a thing of the past. 

Don\’t forget the prize comes with $27,000 to help pay for taxes, so you won\’t be left holding the bill come tax time.

It\’s so easy to enter to win this amazing Model S Performance. Just donate to enter and feel good knowing you\’re helping out some worthy charities for children and veterans. And if you donate to enter with as little as $25, we\’ll automatically double your entries as a bonus. So enter now and keep your fingers crossed this Model S comes home with you.


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