ElectricBrands Shows Production-Spec XBus Camper, Evetta Micro EVs


German electric quadricycle maker ElectricBrands has shown the Camper version of its XBus to the public for the first time at the Jubiläums Expo.

The unveiling comes exactly one year after the world premiere of its modular electric van, which was previously called eBussy. The company\’s press release does not reveal much information about the XBus Camper other than the fact it is \”at the top of customers\’ reservation lists.\”

Looking at the photos, we notice several camper features such as the small pop-up roof to increase headroom inside, a pull-out \”drawer\” at the rear that appears to extend the bedding area and a roof-mounted support for additional luggage.

We also know from ElectricBrands\’ website that the XBus Camper features a sleeping area for two people and a space-saving kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and hotplate.

The website lists details about the powertrain, which appears unchanged from what ElectricBrands announced last year. In order to meet the requirements of Europe’s L7e class (heavy quadricycles), the continuous power of the four wheel hub motors is 15 kilowatts (20 horsepower), with 56 kilowatts (75 horsepower) possible as peak power for a short time. 

The battery features a modular construction in packages of 1.25 kWh each, allowing capacities between 10 and 30 kWh to be installed in the chassis, depending on the application. The range with a 10-kWh pack over the mixed cycle is estimated at up to 140 kilometers (87 miles). Each additional 1.25 kWh module is said to add up to 17.5 kilometers (10.8 miles) of range.

According to ElectricBrands, the batteries are \”cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries from German production,\” which may indicate they have lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry.

Being a quadricycle, the XBus is rather small, measuring 3,945 millimeters (155.3 inches) in length and offering a payload of up to 1,100 kilograms (2,425 pounds). Its top speed is just over 100 km/h (62 mph). The official configurator lists a starting price of €30,170 ($30,300) for the XBus Camper in Germany, including a reservation fee of €3,017 ($3,030). Deliveries for the XBus lineup are expected to start in 2023.


In addition to the XBus Camper, ElectricBrands has shown the all-electric light quadricycle Evetta, which takes inspiration from the classic Isetta, just like the Microlino.

Previously known as the Karo and Karolino, the Evetta was designed by former vehicle manufacturer Artega. Since spring 2022, Artega has been fully integrated into the ElectricBrands group of companies

The German company says the Evetta is almost ready for production and is being developed at its Göttingen site. The 2.5-meter (98.4-inch) long microcar has a claimed range of 200 kilometers (124 miles) and a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph). A cargo version appears to be part of lineup as well.

Pre-orders will open online on July 22, with ElectricBrands estimating the first Evettas will be delivered to customers next year.



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