EcoFlow Prime Day offers discounts on power stations and solar panels


As we kick off Independence Day in the US, EcoFlow is also kicking off two weeks of savings on a bunch of its products. In EcoFlow’s words, “it’s prime time to buy.” Based on the hundreds of dollars of discounts outlined below, we won’t disagree.

Can’t miss deals for EcoFlow Prime Day

If you weren’t already aware, EcoFlow is one of the worldwide leaders in energy storage solutions, whether its essential backup power for your home or portable power on the go, plus the solar panels to help keep them going sustainably.

From July 4 to July 17, the company is celebrating EcoFlow Prime Day in the best way – by offering big discounts on a variety of popular products designed to suit all your portable energy needs. Have a look!



Next in EcoFlow’s DELTA lineup is the standard DELTA essential backup power. In honor of the Prime Day sale, EcoFlow has taken $400 off the MSRP, currently on sale for $999.

Whether it’s at backup power home, at camp during outdoor excursions, or extra energy for professional work, the EcoFlow DELTA can deliver via its 1,260Wh capacity – capable of powering 13 devices at once.

Its front interface features six AC outlets totaling 1,800W – enough output to power most home appliances or heavy-duty tools – perfect for power outages, too. Despite its robust capacity, the DELTA still delivers speedy recharge times, replenishing from 0-100% in just 1.6 hours. That’s ten times faster than most other portable power stations on the market.

Normally, the EcoFlow DELTA sells for $1,399, but its currently 29% off for Prime Day and yours for only $999.


EcoFlow DELTA + 160W Solar Panel

What’s better than a 1,260Wh portable power station? A 1,260Wh portable power station than can be recharged using a 160W solar panel from the sun alone! In addition to the power station specs mentioned above, this package which is currently on sale for $1,279.

Take advantage of 31% off this package and experience the 160W panel’s high conversion efficiency of 21-22%. EcoFlow’s solar panel is also IP67 rated against dust and water resistance, helping it remain strong and efficient through various outdoor terrains, rain or shine.

Speaking of which, you can purchase this deal and pair your new EcoFlow DELTA with the 160W Solar Panel to fully recharge using charging in ten to 20 hours, even in cold and cloudy environments. Normally, these products are sold together for $1,849, but in honor of Prime Day, you can get them both for just $1,279.


EcoFlow Prime Day deal on the DELTA Max

If you’ve checked out the EcoFlow DELTA above and its capacity isn’t enough, why not take your energy storage to the max? The EcoFlow DELTA Max is the master device in home backup power, and currently on sale for $1,799 during the Prime Day sale.

What’s unique to the DELTA Max is the ability to expand its power capacity to a whopping 6kWh (6,048 Wh) via EcoFlow’s DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries. This level of additional storage delivers peace of mind on top of dependable power that can support your house lights and appliances during a blackout for hours upon hours.

EcoFlow didn’t just design this portable power station for power outages either. By utilizing EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, the DELTA Max can power heavy-duty devices up to 3,400W. This power station can also rapidly replenish from 0-80% both safely and speedily in just 65 minutes.

EcoFlow’s DELTA Max portable power station normally sells for $2,099, but from now until July 17 for Prime Day, you can buy one for only $1,799.

EcoFlow DELTA Max + 160W Solar Panel

If you’ve read about the EcoFlow DELTA Max above and are interested in saving $300 off for Prime Day, why not take it to the ultra-max in sustainability and add a 160W solar panel, especially since this package is currently over 20% off and priced at $1,999?

By adding the 160W panel, you can help keep your DELTA power station at its max sustainably, using clean solar energy. Combined, this package offers a more eco-friendly power supply that offers peace of mind during blackouts or any emergencies.

The EcoFlow DELTA Max and 160W solar panel package normally sells for $2,549, but during the Prime Day sale, it can all be yours for only $1,999. That’s over $500 off!


Improve your home backup plan with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro

While the term “max” feels like EcoFlow had reached its limit on battery capacity, it has taken it to a whole other level with the DELTA Pro portable home battery. Currently on sale for $3,199, the DELTA pro arrives with a base capacity of 3.6kWh and can be expanded to a whopping 25kWh. This keeps your energy needs covered in any situation – the industry gold standard.

Thanks to a 3,600W output that can surge upward to 4,500W, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro can power 99.99% of heavy-duty devices at home, in the outdoors, or at work.

In terms of replenishing energy, the DELTA Pro can be fully-recharged in 1.8 hours at any of the 35,000 Level 2 AC EV charging stations across the US (EcoFlow X-Stream Adapter required). As you can imagine, we at Electrek LOVE this.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro usually comes at a professionally tiered price ($3,699), but during the Prime Day sale, you can start charging with one for only $3,199.


Prime Day is the perfect time to get an EcoFlow RIVER mini

In addition to the multiple levels of ultra-powerful stations, EcoFlow also offers more portable (and affordable) options, like the EcoFlow RIVER mini, currently on sale for $199.

At just 6.3 lbs, thee EcoFlow RIVER mini is ultra light and portable, delivering 210Wh of battery capacity on the go. Especially in adventures outdoors, the RIVER mini can keep all of your essential devices powered at once. In terms of recharging, the EcoFlow RIVER mini can fully replenish is 1.5 hours.

Although it normally sells for a more affordable $349, EcoFlow is selling the RIVER portable power station for just $199 (43% off) during its Prime Day sale.


EcoFlow RIVER Pro + 160W Solar Panel

Last but not least, is the ultra-portable EcoFlow RIVER Pro paired with a 160W Solar Panel, currently on sale for $799.

The RIVER Pro takes the portable power station to the next level, offering 720Wh of battery capacity, offering an off-the-grid powerhouse wherever your adventures take you. Keep as many as ten devices powered at once while still holding the capability to recharge in record times:

  • Car – 8 hrs
  • Solar – 4-8 hrs
  • Standard AC outlets – 96 mins

The 160W EcoFlow Solar Panel offers a 22% conversion efficiency to help replenish the sun’s energy back into your RIVER Pro quickly and more importantly, sustainably. This package normal sells for $1,099, but it can be yours during EcoFlow Prime Day for only $799.

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