eBay My Garage Has Parts And More For Your Tesla Model 3


eBay Motors has always been the go-to spot for buying new and used auto parts, and the eBay My Garage feature makes the process more convenient with the ability to customize parts searches tailored to specific vehicles, including electric vehicles! 

The key feature that makes eBay My Garage so convenient is that users are able to add multiple vehicles to a “virtual garage.” Once a certain vehicle has been defined by year, make, model, and trim level, My Garage then shows you every single part and accessory for your exact vehicle organized by category. Users are also able to search for specific parts by the type of products, brand names, or keywords, or they can perform a broader search by selecting from a list of part and accessory categories ranging from air conditioning components to wheels and tires.

It\’s like having an entire auto repair store stocked with nothing but parts for your car. 

We\’ve tried it, and it\’s like having an entire auto repair store stocked with nothing but parts for your car. 

As electric vehicles continue to become more mainstream, a growing number of owners want to be able to perform DIY repairs and upgrades. Tracking down electric vehicle parts can be a challenge elsewhere, but eBay Motors has everything you could want for an EV like the ever-popular Tesla Model 3. From factory replacement body parts like a rear bumper to lowering springs to more personalized cosmetic accessories and performance upgrades, My Garage has just what you need available at the click of a button.


Not only does eBay My Garage cut down the amount of time spent hunting for parts, it also cuts down on the guess work. Since so many parts are model year specific, entering your EV into the virtual garage narrows down the search to only parts and accessories that fit your specific vehicle to make sure you order the right parts. 

If you’re looking for new or used parts for your electric vehicle, head over to eBay Motors, our favorite one-stop marketplace to find all the parts, accessories, supplies and apparel.


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