e-Sprinto Plans to Sell 10,000 Electric Two-Wheelers by End of 2023



e-Sprinto Plans to Sell 10k Electric Scooters 

e-Sprinto, India’s fastest-growing electric two-wheeler brand has announced its ambitious plans to sell 10,000 eco-friendly electric two-wheelers by the end of the fiscal year 2023.

Sales of e-Sprinto Electric Scooter 

Thus far, the bootstrapped startup has successfully sold over 5500 units of its innovative two-wheeled vehicles pan India which attests to its competence in striving towards the ambitious objective.


e-Sprinto has emerged as a trendsetter in the electric vehicle industry by offering a range of electric two-wheelers that are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Scooters Offered by the company


Currently, the company’s impressive portfolio comprises of e-Sprinto & e-Sprinto BB low-speed EVs, as well as the high-speed Sprinto HS and Amery models.

Thoughts on e-Sprinto: Management 


Mr. Atul Gupta Co-Founder & Director – e-Sprinto said “At e-Sprinto, we are dedicated to revolutionizing India’s transportation landscape through the introduction of environmentally friendly and high-performing electric two-wheelers. Our ambitious target of selling 10,000 units is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable transportation solutions in India. The impressive sales record of over 5500 units pan India simultaneously speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their innovative products and the trust customers have placed in them.

As the Indian market is ripe for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, they are determined to lead this transformation by expanding their manufacturing capabilities, increasing their road presence, forging strategic partnerships, and delivering exceptional customer service to all their patrons.”

e-Sprinto sales in the eastern part of India


The eastern region of the country has been particularly receptive to e-Sprinto’s products, with the company experiencing exceptional sales in this area. Going ahead, The company is anticipating a surge in demand from the north and east regions of the country for its Sprinto HS model.

The Sprinto HS, aptly coined as the “flagship killer”, has emerged as a sought-after option among customers due to its exceptional features designed to elevate safety and convenience.

e-Sprinto electric scooter specifications

Fueled by an 800W motor, it provides an impressive range of up to 120km on a single 3-4 hours charge. The vehicle also boasts advanced functionalities such as Remote Central Lock, Find My Vehicle, Technical Part Failure Indication, Reverse Mode, and numerous other features to enhance the riding experience. 

In pursuit of its lofty goal of selling 10,000 units of its innovative two-wheeled vehicles, e-Sprinto has charted a multifaceted strategy involving the expansion of its distribution network, forging strategic partnerships with local businesses, and undertaking targeted marketing campaigns.

By fortifying its foothold in strategic areas, e-Sprinto aspires to capitalize on the burgeoning appetite for ecologically sustainable modes of transportation and establish its supremacy as a forerunner in the Indian electric two-wheeler sector. The company’s unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer care is also slated to play an instrumental role in its endeavors to attain its audacious sales target. 

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