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If you\’re considering an electric car, you probably have many questions, especially if you\’ve never owned one before. The Tesla Model 3 is the most popular EV across the globe, which makes it a solid option for introducing the pros and cons of EV ownership, as well as the typical costs involved. Even if the Model 3 isn\’t on your list of top choices, the video review above will open your eyes to what to look for in rivals\’ models.

We\’ve shared a whole host of videos from YouTube channel RSymons RSEV. This is due in part to the fact that the coverage tends to be interesting, highly informative, and often quite unique. While the video above isn\’t among the most unique on the channel, it\’s certainly packed with a multitude details for potential Tesla owners, and even owners of competing EVs.

Richard shares that he bought his Tesla Model 3 Long Range new, and he\’s owned it for a year now. During that time, he\’s already racked up 20,000 miles, which is perfect for a detailed long-term ownership review. He also admits that he doesn\’t typically keep cars very long, but the Model 3 has proven to be an exception.

The goal of the video is to answer several questions that potential Model 3 owners may have, though the primary focus is on the total cost of ownership. Richard covers the Model 3\’s long-term mixed-use efficiency, charging and maintenance costs, how the tires are holding up, and much more.

The video also addresses various problems Richard has had with the Model 3 over the first year and 20,000 miles. And, perhaps most importantly, he shares what he loves and hates about the electric sedan overall.

Check out the video for more detailed information. Then, head down to our popular comment section and start a conversation to help prospective EV owners learn more. If someone was in the market for an electric car and didn\’t want a Model 3, which rival EVs would you recommend, and why?


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