Charged EVs | The KATEK Group’s ghostONE white-label wallbox charger


The KATEK Group, a European electronics company, has introduced a new white-label wallbox charging station. The ghostONE is a 22 kW Level 2 charger that companies can customize with their own brand identities.

“With ghostONE, KATEK’s subsidiary eSystems is targeting the European market for wallboxes in the residential and semi-public sectors, which, according to recent market studies, will reach an installation base of 65 million boxes y 2035,” said Jochen Paukert, Managing Director of eSystems, the KATEK brand that developed the ghostONE.

The ghostONE is a networked smart charger that features remote management and connectivity via Ethernet, WiFi and LTE, as well as a full implementation of the ISO15118 set of standards, which includes Plug & Charge.

Customers can order the wallbox in a modular system, from a single controller board up to the complete product including validation and certification. Those who want more comprehensive design adaptations can also order a custom housing design.

Source: KATEK Group


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