Charged EVs | Schaeffler launches new 4-in-1 e-axle


Electric drivetrain manufacturer Schaeffler has introduced a new 4-in-1 e-axle. “Such highly integrated complete systems are attractive for both established automobile manufacturers and new players,” says the head of Schaeffler’s E-Mobility business division, Dr. Jochen Schröder.

The e-axle’s 4-in-1 layout combines the electric motor, power electronics, transmission and thermal management system into one unit. “This creates a highly integrated and compact complete system, which requires significantly less space than non-integrated solutions,” says Schröder.

The company says the design also provides efficiency. “This is because Schaeffler’s experts always consider the thermal behavior of individual drive components such as the electric motor or the power electronics as well as the most efficient and comprehensive thermal management of the entire vehicle.”


Schaeffler is developing an electric beam axle designed for medium-duty pick-up trucks, which it plans to manufacture. The company says it has “secured its first orders for electric beam axles from automobile manufacturers.”

The company’s e-axle components and systems for electric drivetrains are manufactured at its plant in Hungary, and the integrated electric axle drives are produced in China. Schaeffler is also building a plant to produce motors in Bühl, Germany.

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