Charged EVs | SABIC launches new resin for EV battery modules


Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has launched a new resin for the insulation film in EV battery modules with 600-800 V cells. 

NORYL NHP8000VT3 is a polyphenylene ether (PPO)-based resin, and the company says that, compared to polycarbonate (PC) and polypropylene (PP) insulation films, NORYL NHP8000VT3 has “stronger CTI performance and thinner-wall FR capability.”


“The NORYL NHP family is our next-generation PPO portfolio with enhanced flame retardance performance,” says Jenny Wang, Director of Formulation and Application at SABIC. “It includes NORYL NHP6011 and NHP6012 resins for battery modules and housings. Our new NORYL NHP8000VT3 resin further diversifies the series with more robust comparative tracking index performance.”

According to SABIC, “NORYL NHP8000VT3 resin’s ability to meet the UL94 V0 standard at 0.25 mm means it can provide a high level of flame retardance at a thinner film gauge than PC or PP, potentially freeing up valuable space in the battery pack.”

Source: SABIC


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