Charged EVs | Qualcomm’s new powerline communication device enables charging station-smart grid communications


Qualcomm’s next-generation powerline communication (PLC) device, the QCA7006AQ, is designed to enable CCS charging station communications. The new PLC device is based on Qualcomm’s QCA700X family of products, which have been widely adopted in EV on-board charging units and charging stations. The QCA7006AQ is compliant with the HomePlug Green PHY (HPGP) specification for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems.

Smart-grid integration allows vehicles to seamlessly authenticate on the network through Plug and Charge automated payments for EV charging, coordinating the timing and direction of energy to and from the grid and home. Smart-grid charging applications supported by the CCS standard allow users the flexibility to choose optimal charging and discharging times.

The QCA700X PLC device supports an Ethernet digital interface and an ambient operating temperature range of -40° C to +105° C (AEC-Q100 Automotive Grade 2). As an optional feature, the QCA7006AQ also supports HomePlug Audio Video (HPAV) streaming at PHY rate exceeding 200 Mbps, allowing EV drivers an alternate wired data connection to the cloud through the charging station.

“By further expanding our PLC device portfolio, in addition to engineering the fully integrated, scalable Snapdragon Digital Chassis solution for automakers, Qualcomm is supporting an evolving automotive industry driven by the EV vehicle architecture,” said Lars Boeryd, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Automotive at Qualcomm.

The QCA7006AQ is planned to in production by early Q4 2022, and samples are available today.

Source: Qualcomm


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