Charged EVs | NEO Battery Materials teaming up with Applied Carbon Nano Technology


Canada-based NEO Battery Materials has signed a collaboration agreement with Applied Carbon Nano Technology (ACN) to apply ACN’s carbon nanotube to NEO’s NBMSiDE silicon anode materials.

The companies will also work together on opportunities in the CNT conductive additive market, and will appoint scientific advisors from ACN to assist the collaboration. “By attracting two new advisors, Dr. Lee and Dr. Moon, we are more confident of advancing our high-performance silicon anode technology and additional business opportunities going forward,” said President and CEO of NEO Spencer Huh.

NEO also “plans to support ACN to expand its overseas business opportunities for mutual growth going forward.”

NEO says carbon nanotubes have the advantages of limiting the volume expansion of silicon anodes, as well as conductivity that “allows the performance of the anode to be maximized.”

Source: NEO Battery Materials


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