Charged EVs | LEAD to supply 20 GWh worth of battery manufacturing equipment to VW


Chinese equipment manufacturer LEAD has contracted with the Volkswagen Group to deliver lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment for a 20 GWh factory in Salzgitter, Germany.

Volkswagen recently announced a plan to invest €30 billion to build 6 battery factories in Europe. For the Salzgitter plant, LEAD will provide Volkswagen with manufacturing equipment including calendering, roll baking, cell assembly line, electrolyte filling, cell baking, formation and aging, and line logistics.

LEAD says it has become a core equipment supplier to several other European battery manufacturers. The company has followed a global operation strategy focused on localized services. LEAD has established over 10 subsidiaries around the world, including multiple subsidiaries in Europe. It has built a local European supply chain and sealed strategic cooperation with suppliers such as Siemens, ABB and Festo.

Source: LEAD


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