Charged EVs | InoBat demonstrates battery production using recycled cathode materials


InoBat Auto has reached what it calls “a key milestone in the development of its design capabilities,” proving that recovered materials from used batteries can be re-used in the production of new batteries.

Together with its recycling partners, InoBat has confirmed, using its cell optimization and design mechanisms, that recovered active cathode material from end-of-life batteries can be used to produce new batteries.

InoBat says its optimization process significantly reduces the environmental impact of battery manufacture, reducing the need to source new raw materials and minimizing the carbon emissions associated with battery production.

“Our cradle-to-cradle approach is central to everything we do, and we would not be happy to call ourselves a sustainable business if we could not recycle our products at the end of their usable life,” said Marian Bocek, CEO of InoBat Auto. “Today’s announcement is a significant achievement in our journey as we can now prove that our approach works well, [and that the] batteries produced from recycled battery materials perform in line with those produced from entirely new materials.”

InoBat recently opened a UK office at the University of Warwick Science Park, and is building an R&D center and pilot plant in Slovakia. The new plant is due to be operational in early 2023, and is expected to reach an initial capacity of 1 GWh per year at completion in 2024.

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