Charged EVs | In-wheel motor co-developed by Lightyear and Elaphe reaches 97% energy efficiency during testing


Solar EV company Lightyear says the EV powertrain it has co-developed with in-wheel-drive technology company Elaphe is the most efficient production EV powertrain in the world. Lightyear says, “we’ve achieved an efficiency of 97% from the in-wheel motors, losing just a fraction of energy through heat.”

The in-wheel motor relies on a modified version of Elaphe’s proprietary electromagnetic layout, is currently being tested as part of the final steps of Elaphe’s design and validation methodology, and will be produced at Elaphe’s facilities in Slovenia.

Lightyear plans to install the motors in all four wheels of its forthcoming Lightyear One solar EV. Lightyear says the 5-seat car has achieved “the greatest efficiency and lowest consumption rates of any electric vehicle on the market today.”

Source: Lightyear


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