Charged EVs | EPA seeks info to develop battery recycling best practices


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing a list of best practices for recycling batteries and supporting battery recycling.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2021 created a program to support battery recycling through battery labeling guidelines and other communication materials. According to the Federal Register, the goal is to work out practices that are “technically and economically feasible; environmentally sound and safe for waste management workers; and optimize the value and use of material derived from recycling of batteries.”

The program’s goal is to “improve battery collection and reduce battery waste by identifying battery collection locations and increasing accessibility to those locations; promoting consumer education about battery collection and recycling; and reducing safety concerns relating to the improper disposal of batteries.”

To build up these programs, the EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) is soliciting information on the processes of battery recycling and the groups involved. The ORCR seeks information on the collection, recycling and reuse of batteries, including single-use, rechargeable, consumer, large-format and industrial batteries. It also seeks information on the government sites, electronic waste businesses, scrap yards and dealerships that contribute to the recycling process.

To form voluntary battery labeling guidelines, the ORCR wants information on current battery labeling guidelines, views on what battery labeling guidelines should entail, and the formats for existing communication materials, including tool kits, print resources, images, video and social media.

Information can be submitted by a single party or a team, and will be accepted until July 11 of 2022.

Source: Federal Register


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