Charged EVs | Eaton joins EU-supported Flow Consortium to develop V2X technology


Power management specialist Eaton has joined a pan-European research project aimed at developing V2X technology. The research will focus on vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) capabilities, including work on Eaton’s proprietary Buildings as a Grid energy management system.

Supported by the EU’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation program, the €9.87-million ($10.41-million) project will span four years to March 2026, and its scope will include “the entire electric vehicle charging value chain.” The FLOW project consortium, which includes 24 external partners and 6 European universities, will be led by the Catalonia Energy Research Institute.

Eaton’s role in the consortium will involve further developing EV charging technologies, as well as demonstrating charging solutions, based on experience with its Buildings as a Grid approach to uniting the power needs of buildings and EVs with on-site renewable energy generation.

“As electric vehicles grow in popularity across Europe, a comprehensive range of fully integrated charging technologies is urgently needed to support mass deployment and enable valuable new services,” said Stefan Costea, Regional Technology Manager, Eaton Research Labs. “We’re developing optimal solutions for V2G, V2X and energy management. We will demonstrate these technologies at three test labs—the Eaton European Innovation Center in Prague, University College Dublin, and the Catalonia Energy Research Institute in Barcelona. [Also], we will be supporting large-scale technology demonstrations in Rome and Copenhagen with our energy management systems.”

For the demonstrations in Prague and Barcelona, Eaton will collaborate closely with fast charging specialist Heliox. In Rome and Copenhagen, Eaton will collaborate on energy management system interoperability with companies specializing in transmission and distribution: Enel, Terna and Areti.

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