Charged EVs | Eaton introduces new line of DC-DC converters for commercial vehicles


Eaton has introduced a new line of DC-DC converters designed for the electrical systems of commercial vehicles. “DC-DC converters are an essential part of our eMobility product portfolio and are used in a variety of vehicle applications,” said Director of Technology Development for Eaton’s eMobility business Ben Karrer. “Many commercial vehicle manufacturers are transitioning to 48-volt architectures, so having the ability to efficiently convert power from high to low voltage is critical.”

The 48 V DC-DC converters accept power from a 48 V system and then decrease it to 24 V and 12 V. The bidirectional converter also charges a 12 V battery in order to provide energy storage in the event of a fault in the main power supply.

The converters include noise reduction and noise rejection technologies as well as high-power lock box (HPLB) terminals. According to the company, “The DC-DC power converter’s HPLB terminals provide superior efficiency and reliability as well as protection against the elements. Additionally, the HPLB terminals are waterproof up to one meter deep and strong enough to withstand high-pressure water spray.”

The company also says the converters can operate in ambient temperatures up to 85 degrees C, and have 97% design efficiency.

“The converter is rugged and robust, sealed against environmental factors such as salt spray and water and has high-vibration resiliency,” said Karrer.

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