CEO shares pricing for upcoming Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 SUVs


Following a completed SPAC merger and fruitful first half of 2022, Polestar continues to ingrain itself in a growing EV market as a genuine contender. Although we won’t see the official debut of the Polestar’s next EV until October, CEO Thomas Ingenlath has shared the starting pricing of the Polestar 3. Additionally, Ingenlath shared insight on the pricing the Swedish automaker is aiming for on the Polestar 4.

Since becoming its own standalone EV brand in the fall of 2017, Polestar has only delivered two models – the Polestar 1 PHEV and Polestar 2 BEV, which saw a 2023 model year revamp this past May.

Despite such a small lineup, Polestar has continued to find success, garnering a larger and larger segment of the EV consumer market which itself is expanding. Just this week, the automaker reported a 125% increase in EV sales in the first half of 2022 compared to a year prior.

Additionally, Polestar recently rung the opening bell on Wall Street to celebrate its listing on the Nasdaq under $PSNY, on the heels of a successful SPAC merger with Gores Guggenheim, Inc.

What many would argue is most exciting about Polestar however, are the EVs it has in the pipeline. This includes the Polestar 3 and 4 SUVs as well as the Polestar 5 sports sedan, based off the automaker’s Precept concept.

The first official images of the Polestar 3 went live in early June, but pricing was not shared. Thanks to a couple recent interviews with Polestar’s CEO, however, we now have a better idea of pricing for the Polestar 3 AND the Polestar 4 – both of which are aimed to compete with Porsche SUVs.

The upcoming Polestar 3 SUV / Source: Polestar

Polestar 3 pricing: The SUV will start around $75,000

In a recent interview with Automotive News Europe, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath divulged that the automaker intends to price its Polestar 3 SUV between €75,000 and €110,000 (~$75,500–$110,800).

The SUV will be the first Polestar model built in the United States at the automaker’s new facility in South Carolina. It will also be a crucial piece in helping Polestar reach its goal of selling 124,000 EVs globally by 2023. Based on its premium design and pricing, Polestar sees its flagship SUV as a competitor to the Porsche Cayenne, which is currently available as a combustion SUV or Hybrid. Ingenlath elaborated:

It’s an SUV, which everyone loves, but it’s also very aerodynamic and very engaging to drive. It’s not a car to drive to the kindergarten.

Yep, sounds like a Porsche. Polestar expects to sell 24,000 Polestar 3 EVs worldwide next year. It will then be joined by the automaker’s fourth model and second SUV, the Polestar 4.

Polestar CEO is on a roll, hinting at targets for 4 SUV

In a separate interview with CAR magazine, Ingenlath offered some insight as to what consumers can expect to see in the Polestar 4, even though the sheet hasn’t even been pulled off it yet:

We have a second SUV in our pipeline. It will compete below the Polestar 3’s €75,000 ($75,500) sector, it is slightly smaller. It will not compromise on the interior length, but this car is slightly more ground-hugging, a bit more of the coupe-type roofline.

As you can see in the featured image above, the sheet-clad Polestar 4 sits significantly lower than its SUV counterpart. If you look at the full spectrum image below that also includes the Polestar 2 and Polestar 5 prototype, you really get a feel for how low it actually is.


Given that it will arrive on the same SPA2 platform as the Polestar 3, you can expect a relatively similar wheelbase, ensuring that the interior should still offer plenty of space for the driver and their passengers.

Another perk could be the increased aerodynamics of the Polestar 4. Even if it arrives with the same battery pack as the Polestar 3, the 4 could deliver better efficiency per kWh, thus, better range. That factor alone could help propel the crossover-style SUV to become Polestar’s best seller.

But how much are we talking on cost? Ingenlath didn’t share exact MSRPs but did give some insight into where the automaker is hoping to land on pricing for its encore to the Polestar 3:

The Polestar 4 really brings the greatness of the brand to a segment that will, eventually, start around €55,000 ($55,400), where we in some point in time want to reach with the Polestar 4. This is the price spectrum we will cover with these two cars.

$55,000 feels a lot more doable than the pricing on the Polestar 3, but the key word to note from the CEO here is “eventually.” Perhaps the initial launch models cost more, or Polestar won’t hit that price goal until its next model year – details remain unclear. However, it does help to know that $55k is the target Polestar is aiming for.

When it arrives, the Polestar 4 aims to compete with the Porsche Macan, which currently exists as an ICE vehicle only, although an all-electric version has been in the works for years.

The next big news surrounding Polestar pricing should come this fall when the Polestar 3 SUV makes its official debut.

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