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Canoo comes back to life with a Walmart order. Redwood will recycle Audi and VW EV batteries. Ziggy the robot will find cars to charge. And GM has a reveal date for the Cadillac Celestiq. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

GM has revealed a few more teaser photos of the Cadillac Celestiq electric flagship sedan, and confirmed that the show car will debut July 22. The new pictures confirm throne-like seating for four, a fastback-like rear roofline, and screen real estate that covers the entire dash. 

A charging robot called Ziggy, from EV Safe Charge, might provide a lot of convenience for venues and parking buildings by effectively making any parking space good for charging, delivering a charge cable and connector on wheels, with a screen that can show advertising. 

Redwood Materials will be the designated recycler for all Volkswagen and Audi EV batteries in North America. They’ll be shipped to Nevada for processing, where Redwood claims it can recover more than 95% of metals, matching a goal set by VW last year. 

And Walmart has made an agreement to buy 4,500 electric vans from the EV startup Canoo for the retailer’s last-mile delivery efforts. For Canoo, which recently questioned its own financial viability, this appears to have revived the business, which aims to make vehicles starting next year. 


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