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\"\"People are moving towards highly sustainable transportation, and there are a few essential elements to consider. 

There are several factors when it comes to using EVs, there are various crucial components, but the battery is the one such component that is regularly charged and drained.

Can Electric Vehicle Battery Connectors Improve The EV Battery’s Potential?

Yes, by using connectors for an electric vehicle specifically, you can multifold the lifecycle and performance of your EV battery. The new advances and innovations in the top EV battery connectors have prolonged battery lifestyles, improved safety, and reduced the load and rate of battery packs. 

Avoid Charging The Batteries Each Night

It does not matter if you charge it at night, but plugging it into the charging socket each night will hard impact your battery. You also charge the battery when it is needed. If you are short a few percentages, but it is still up to the mark, you can use it for the full next day and avoid charging it. Charging it every night puts strain on the battery.

If you best charge your vehicle while necessary, not plugging it as soon as you get home every day will increase the battery lifecycle.

Keep The Battery Percentage Between 20% to 80 % Bracket.

Just not charging it each night. Keeping the battery percentage between 20-80% would be best. It is good for the health of your EV battery. The lithium-ion battery is designed to keep big quantities of power at a flow rate. However, regularly draining the battery too frequently or filling it up to the maximum level can reduce the battery’s capability.

Control The Ideal State For The Battery During Charging

It would be best if you never left your electric vehicles with fully charged or fully drained batteries for a very long time. This leads to battery degradation quite quickly. If you plan to leave your EV for a while without driving, keep the battery percentage from 25% to 50%, not more than that. These days, EV companies are working on smart charging stations that use the best connectors for an electric vehicle to ensure the EV battery does not surpass these limits. 

Can EV Batteries Degrade Over Time?

The EV batteries do degrade over time, and this is a very natural process working, like wear and tear of any other device or material. The batteries in EVs normally supply more energy than the components can handle. This results in degradation, which is not often noticed in EVs. Lack of proper awareness reduces and affects the battery’s potential.

The battery’s performance and potential are measured through the state of health or SOH. When the battery is new, the SOH is 100%, and over time it reduces as it gets charged and drained.

Common elements impacting Lithium-ion battery fitness:

  1. Time
  2. High temperatures
  3. Operating at excessive charges or in a drained state
  4. High electric powered current
  5. Usage
  6. Using good quality and compatible connectors for electric automobiles specifically 

There have been numerous studies done on top EV battery connectors and batteries.

In addition, there have been some studies on battery SOH. However, there isn’t substantial information following the actual-global overall performance of EVs through the years, not to mention comparisons throughout one-of-a-kind makes and models. Until now.

How To Understand Which Connector Should Be Used?

It’s a very common and genuine question for most people, which is quite simple to answer. For DC rapid charging, a proprietary community of Supercharger stations used by Tesla cars, no adapter will work on those stations because there’s an authentication technique. 

Nissan and Mitsubishi vehicles use the Japanese preferred CHAdeMO, and simply each different electric vehicle uses the CCS charging preferred. In addition, different electric vehicle battery connectors work with specific EV models and specify the plug kind or connector for an electric automobile

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If you use an electric vehicle battery connector of substandard quality, it will impact the battery’s life. 

The impact and working of EV batteries are bound to diminish through the years, and it is also quite evident that prevention is not possible. Still, we can reduce the speed of battery deterioration by using the best and top EV battery connectors. In addition, you could use some practices to increase the lifecycle of your EV’s battery.

The ICIL connectors available provide the safety and flexibility of using the EVs in harsh driving conditions. It reduces the battery’s load, protects it from high current surges, and provides additional protection during the charging time. 

E Control Devices provides and distributes the best connectors for any EV. If you use a good-quality connector, it will provide additional safety and security features to the battery of the EV. In addition, there are other means to increase the EV battery’s potential and performance. 

They provide different types of top EV battery connectors in this sector, and if you are interested in knowing how to take care of your EV or charge it at your own home, you need to go through some simple steps. 

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