Autonomous driving is taking us ever closer to the ideal form of mobility


That’s true. The challenge that has to be overcome is enormous. But we also don’t do things by half-measure in the Group and unleash any beta versions on our client companies. The possibility of driving autonomously is based on three sensory levels – the lidar view, i.e. the laser scanner view, the photosensory view via camera and the radar view, which is used to additionally scan what is happening around the car. At the highest configuration level, this gives the autonomous vehicle a level of vigilance that a human could never achieve. Only: combining these three different sensory levels is extremely complex. That’s why thousands of engineers are currently working on accomplishing all of this – ultimately the result has to be so perfect and reliable that the vehicle occupants trust the technology fully. Otherwise, relaxed video calls on board will not work out either, even though the interior might be really well thought out and comfortable.


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