Apollo Tyres launches its first dedicated micro-mobility tire: the Vredestein Cargo


India-based global tire-maker Apollo Tyres, which markets its products under the global brands Apollo and Vredestein, will launch its first dedicated micro-mobility tire, the Vredestein Cargo. Developed specifically for electrically assisted cargo bikes used for urban deliveries, the new tire will make its debut at Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany (13 to 17 July).

The new tire will be available in one size, with a 20-inch (508mm) diameter and 2.2-inch (55 mm) width. Additional sizes will be announced in 2023.


The Vredestein Cargo is the result of more than two years of development and is designed to offer significantly higher levels of durability, stability and puncture resistance than conventional bicycle tires that are traditionally fitted to ‘last-mile’ delivery e-bikes.

The Vredestein Cargo features an advanced compound, innovative apex design to strengthen the sidewalls, and a robust carcass with a steel wire bead, which combine to deliver more than six times greater lifespan than a standard bicycle tire.

Field trials indicate that the Vredestein Cargo will last for approximately 8,000 -10,000 km—far in excess of the 1,500 km average mileage for a standard bicycle tire, and ensuring that the new Vredestein tire delivers a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

The high wear-rate of conventional tires used by cargo e-bikes can compromise the safety of riders, especially when road surfaces are wet or slippery. Due to its structural properties, which are heavily influenced by the design of Vredestein passenger car tires, the new Vredestein Cargo offers superior standards of comfort, grip and traction year-round and in all weather conditions.

Coinciding with the launch, Apollo Tyres has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with UK micro-mobility company EAV, which will fit the Vredestein Cargo to its new generation of advanced four-wheel eCargo bikes. EAV played a key role in shaping the design of the Vredestein Cargo, ensuring it met the most demanding user requirements.


Vredestein-brand products have a long heritage in the bicycle market, with the first products manufactured for the sector in 1910. Now part of the global Apollo Tyres product family, Vredestein tires are acclaimed for outperforming leading brands while being available at an affordable price point.


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