5 Essential Pieces of Kit to Stay Safe On Your Motorbike



When it comes to riding a
motorbike, safety must be your priority. Riding a motorbike is an incredible
feeling, but it is undeniably dangerous, and you must always
take great care and wear safety gear, even if going on a short ride to the
shops. Keep reading to discover the main safety gear you need and what you
should be looking for.

1. Helmet

A helmet is an
essential piece of safety gear you should never ride without. This can be
the difference between life and death, so you need to take your time to find a
high-quality helmet that is within your budget. It is generally best to try
these helmets on in person so that you can find one that is the right fit –
this will be both snug and comfortable.


2. Leather Gloves

Exposed hands while riding a bike
can be dangerous in two ways. First, you risk road rash if you were to come off, which could cause significant long-term damage to your hands. Obviously, you
also need to make sure that you have sufficient motorbike insurance in place
too. The second way that exposed hands are dangerous is that they will be
exposed to constant wind and sunshine, which can cause damage over the long
term. Leather gloves will protect your hands from both threats and
help you maintain a firm grip at all times.

3. Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket serves an
essential purpose beyond looking cool (although it also does this!) as it can
provide significant protection to your body and arms if you come off.
They can also be helpful in terms of staying warm during the cooler months.
Leather is the apparent option here, and a premium leather jacket will last a
lifetime (as well as look the best!).

4. Motorcycle Boots

Solid and sturdy boots are another
essential gear that will allow for safe riding and protect your feet.
These should be at least ankle-high and made of solid material, such as
leather. As with the helmet, it is always a good idea to try these on before
making a purchase to ensure they are a good fit.

5. Motorcycle Pants

Last but not least, you need to
invest in quality motorcycle pants that offer superior protection to jeans
and other trousers while riding. Motorcycle pants will be bulkier and padded to
provide protection from road rash if you are involved in an accident.

These are the primary safety items you need when riding a motorbike. Riding a motorbike can be
dangerous, but with the proper safety gear, you can protect yourself and feel
more confident on the roads.


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