2023 Vantas VX SUV and T-Go Coming to the U.S.



The Vantas VX SUV will go on sale in the U.S. in late 2022. HAAH Automotive Holdings and Sicar announced yesterday that they will import Vantas and T-Go vehicles. This is a prelude to HAAH and Shanghai Sicar Automotive Technology manufacturing vehicles stateside. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed their U.S. manufacturing startup.


A letter of intent was added to their engineering service agreement. Sicar is a Chery Automobile subsidiary, one of the top Chinese automakers. Sicar has development and engineering capabilities to produce world-class vehicles. HAAH Motors Holdings is a Lake Forest, California-based firm that provides the expertise needed to manufacture, wholesale, and retail vehicles in North America. Together, the combined companies seek to redefine the automotive retail experience.

HAAH and Sicar will develop and sell Vantas and T-Go branded vehicles in North America. The first two vehicles will be the Vantas VX full-size SUV, and the Vantas TXL, a mid-size SUV. Two T-Go vehicles, one a pickup truck, are next. Additional SUVs and passenger cars with electrification and intelligence capabilities will follow. The first two Vantas SUVs will have internal combustion engines, although electric vehicles (EVs) will become the foundation of the company going forward.

“This agreement expansion is a major step forward as we prepare for the launch of these two brands in the United States and Canada, including future electric vehicles. It expands upon our earlier pact regarding the sales, distribution, and service of vehicles for the Vantas and T-Go brands. There is no question that electric vehicles are the future in North America, and we’re excited to let everyone know of our plans,” said HAAH Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Duke Hale.

[Images: HAAH Automotive Holdings]


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