2023 Nissan Leaf starts at $28,895 in base S form: Refreshed look, 149-mile range


The refreshed 2023 Nissan Leaf starts at $28,895 (including destination) for the base S model, Nissan confirmed Tuesday in a press release.

That base MSRP is $400 higher than the 2022 model, but Nissan also increased the destination fee from $1,025 to $1,095, bringing the total price hike up to $470.

The current-generation Leaf dates back to the 2017 model year, but gets some updates for 2023. Nissan made some subtle styling changes, including a new grille with an Ariya-style illuminated badge and new 17-inch five-spoke wheels, and simplified the lineup.


2023 Nissan Leaf

For 2023 the Leaf is only available in two configurations; other previously available trim levels have been dropped. The Leaf S has a 40-kwh battery pack and is EPA-rated for 149 miles of range, with an electric motor producing 147 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque.

Starting at $36,895, the Leaf SV Plus gets a 60-kwh battery pack affording 212 miles of range, and a more powerful motor producing 214 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque.

Even with the small price increase, the Leaf remains one of the lowest-priced EVs sold in the United States. But as Nissan is raising prices, some competitors are lowering them, or at least holding steady.


2023 Nissan Leaf

General Motors recently announced another price drop for the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV, after a big one for 2022 as well. The $5,900 cut brings the base price of the 2023 Bolt EV down to $26,595 with destination. The related Bolt EUV also gets a $6,300 price cut, and now starts at $28,195—still undercutting the Leaf slightly. Both models offer more range than the Leaf, at 259 miles for the Bolt EV and 247 miles for the Bolt EUV.

Hyundai last year dropped the price of its Kona Electric to $35,185, after discontinuing the Ioniq Electric. That 2022-model-year base price was slightly higher than the Ioniq Electric, and much higher than the Leaf, but the Kona Electric\’s 258-mile range was substantially higher than both. Hyundai hasn\’t announced pricing for the 2023 Kona Electric.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Mini Cooper SE holds the line on pricing. Its unchanged $30,750 base price puts the Mini only the Bolt EV/EUV and Leaf in affordability.


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