2022 Subaru Solterra eSUV Proclaimed



In 2022, the Subaru Solterra electric SUV will go on sale. Another Subaru-Toyota joint venture, it’ll roll on the new e-Subaru global platform.


Just when you thought the market for another electric vehicle was saturated, here comes the sun and the earth, in Latin. Will there be more Latin names for new Subarus? Environmental responsibility keeps the sales and marketing machine running, doesn’t it?

I caught a glimpse of the broadcast news this morning, which stated emphatically that by 2026, EVs will be less expensive than vehicles with internal combustion engines. So who at the automakers is controlling costs, and pricing these EVs? What about all the research and development costs?

You can be certain if there’s a new e-platform, there’s going to be more e-vehicles in the pipeline. What is a little different than every other EV is Subaru’s all-wheel-drive expertise, mated to Toyota’s e-technology.

The Solterra relies on Subaru’s AWD, driving dynamics, and passivity. Yes, the leader in passive safety is among its selling points. That’s what you get when you add Solterra to the Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek SUVs.

The Solterra EV is counting on the brand’s reliability, safety technology, and all-wheel-drive engineering to gain acceptance. Murky photos are also good for piquing our interest, at least until the actual reveal takes place.

The Solterra electric SUV is the logical evolution of Subaru all-weather, all-road performance in an earth-friendly package. Or at least as environmentally responsible as an all-electric SUV can be.

[Images: Subaru]


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