12 cameras, 7 solid-state lidars



L4 autonomous driving company
WeRide officially released a new generation of autonomous driving sensor
suite WeRide Sensor Suite 5.0 (referred to as WeRide SS 5.0). It announced that the Robotaxi fleet equipped with the suite has been fully
invested in Scale testing and application.



WeRide SS 5.0 has 12 cameras and
7 solid-state lidars, which together form 6 perception modules arranged in different body positions. Among them, WeRide SS 5.0\’s 7
vehicle-grade solid-state lidars are distributed on the roof, rear wing, and
around the body, which greatly reduces the size of the kit.



Specifically, the top front
sensing module is equipped with 3 solid-state lidars, 5 mid-range cameras, and 2
long-range cameras; the tail sensing module is equipped with 1 solid-state
lidar and 1 mid-range camera, responsible for the rear Perceptual coverage;
with multiple blind-spotted lidars and fish-eye cameras around the vehicle



Electric Wheelco learned that
WeRide Zhixing said that compared with WeRide Zhixing\’s previous generation
sensor kit, WeRide SS 5.0 is further reduced in size and weight. The height
of the top front sensing module is reduced by 66%, the thickness is reduced by
15%, and the overall weight is reduced by 17%.

Data shows that WeRide has
accumulated more than 11 million kilometers of public road autonomous driving
mileage and more than 2.8 million kilometers of fully unmanned autonomous


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